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       1. What is the best thing to keep in hot weather?


  2. What is never used until it's broken?

  An egg.

  3. What's a skeleton?(骨架)

  It's a lot of bones without the person on them!

  4. What is dark but made by light?

  A shadow.

  5. What can you break with only one word?


  6. What stays indoors no matter how many times you put it out?

  The light.

  7. A policeman saw a truck driver going the wrong way down a one-way street, but didn't give him a ticket. Why?

  Because the truck driver was walking.

  8. Where can milk be best stored?

  In a cow.

  9. Which can move faster, heat or cold?

  Heat, because you can catch cold easily.

  10. What's the hardest thing about learning skating?

  The ice.

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